Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn't covered here, please check our blog for guides and feature updates or visit our support server.

How do I get Subscrybe?

  1. Visit
  2. Click "Add bot to Discord".
  3. Ping @Subscrybe to get started!

How do I use Subscrybe?

  1. Get the URL of the YouTube channel you want upload notifications from.
  2. Go to the Discord channel where you want to add upload notifications.
  3. Enter the command @Subscrybe sub URL where URL is the YouTube channel link from step 1. Or if you want the notifications to ping a role, enter @Subscrybe sub URL ping ROLE where ROLE is either a role name or a role ping.

The list and unsub commands work in the same way: go to the appropriate Discord channel and enter the command you want. Ping @Subscrybe to check out all the available options.

Check out this video by @danielytuk#1447 to see it in action!

Why doesn't the bot respond?

Subscrybe will immediately react to any valid commands with a 🔔 emoji. If the bot does not respond to you:

Using copy/paste can break pings in your command. If you click on @Subscrybe in your posted message, you should see its profile pop up. If you don't see the profile, retry the command by typing out @Subscrybe, clicking its mention, or entering @Subscrybe#6421.

Can I get stream notifications?

Because of limitations with YouTube's API, Subscrybe will send a notification when a live stream is created and NOT when it begins.

For example, if a channel creates a stream 1 hour before it is scheduled to begin, Subscrybe will send a notification 1 hour before it starts, and will not send a notification when the stream actually begins. If YouTube's API makes it possible to get live stream notifications, we'll update this right away!

How do patron benefits work?

If you support Subscrybe on Patreon, your name and a link to your content will be featured in our command menu and notification pages where up to 10 random patrons will be featured in random order.

After becoming a patron, make sure your Discord account is linked to Patreon and you will be able to ping @Patrons in our server to set your name and link. Please keep in mind that all Discord and server rules still apply.